Links to Video on Chris Tapp Case:

4/15/17 – (43m 14s) – CBS Investigates – The DNA of a Killer

6/11/2016 (11m 41s): 32 Interrogation and Polygraph Clips

5/11/2016 (1h 22m 46s): Affidavit of Michael Heavey in Support of Tapp PCR Petition

1/29/2016 (1h 51m 7s): Detailed Explanation of the Chris Tapp False Confession

10/28/2015 (15m 35s): A Plea For Justice: Angie Dodge and Chris Tapp

9/24/2015  (2m 20s): Judges for Justice Launches Campaign (Local8 News Coverage)

7/21/2015  (3m 37s) “Coercive Polygraph” – Idaho Falls Local News 8

8/24/2012  – The Confession (6-part series on NBC)