Gregg McCrary

Retired FBI Agent

Gregg McCray Report

Dr. Charles Honts

A Boise State University psychology expert and polygraph expert provides an analysis of the polygraphs on Chris Tapp conducted in 1997 in. Dr. Honts’ report is viewable Here. In addition, Chris Tapp Polygraph Videos and Background Interpretation are viewable  Here

Honts Polygraph Report

Chris Tapp 1997 Polygraph Background

Steven A. Drizin

Clinical Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and former Legal Director of the Law School’s Center on Wrongful Convictions, submitted his report to the Bonneville County Prosecutor in Idaho Falls, Idaho on the wrongful conviction of Chris Tapp. Professor Drizin’s investigation and expertise involves the study of false confessions. This is the third report provided to the Prosecutor on the Chris Tapp case. The Prosecutor announced a decision to hire an independent expert to review the investigation into Angie Dodge’s murder and the conviction of Mr. Tapp following the investigative reports provided by Judges for Justice.

Drizden Report – Police Interrogations

Steve Moore

Retired FBI Agent

Steve Moore Report on Chris Tapp