DNA Reveals Killer of Angie Dodge

The Idaho Falls police followed Dripps in his car, he threw a cigarette out the window. The police bagged it, within 24 hours they had a DNA match. Dripps was arrested. This was the 56th Cold Case solved by forensic genealogy within the last year. Great work by all involved, CeCe Moore, Parabon, and the […]

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Chris Tapp – Video Media

Links to Video on Chris Tapp Case: 4/15/17 – (43m 14s) – CBS Investigates – The DNA of a Killer 6/11/2016 (11m 41s): 32 Interrogation and Polygraph Clips 5/11/2016 (1h 22m 46s): Affidavit of Michael Heavey in Support of Tapp PCR Petition 1/29/2016 (1h 51m 7s): Detailed Explanation of the Chris Tapp False Confession 10/28/2015 […]