“Judges for Justice” became involved in Christopher Tapp’s case in 2012 when Judge Heavey contacted the victim’s mother Carol Dodge. Three DNA tests have been performed in the case. The sperm DNA left at the 1996 murder scene does not match Tapp. In 2009 hairs left at the murder scene by the perpetrator did not match Tapp and January 2013 “touch” DNA tests performed on key pieces of evidence were negative for Tapp.

Carol Dodge, the victim’s mother, desperately wants to find her daughter’s killer. To that end Carol compiled all of the case’s interrogation videos to see what she could learn, maybe, see a clue in the videos the police had missed. What she learned, when all was said and done, is that Tapp’s confession was dubious. She saw, time after time, the police planting crime scene information in Tapp’s mind, the police coercing Tapp, and encouraging him to lie.

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