We are backlogged at this time, our case manager  will not be able to return to reviewing cases until August.

We hope to catch up with our reviews by end of October 2018.

We hope to respond to all requests by the end of October.

Here are some of the things we look for:

1. Actual innocence and all appeals exhausted.

2. The underlying crime was a horrific crime that shocked the community.

3. We do not get into cases like, “My step-daughter lied about me sexually assaulting her because my wife and I were getting a divorce.” We have no doubt that there are a lot of wrongful convictions in that area, but we have no idea how to address them.

What we do and do not do:

We do not represent defendants, we try the case in the Court of Public Opinion.

We do create a comprehensive video of innocence and then promote the video into the affected community/state.

If your case fits into these categories and you would like to submit a request, please send all information to:

Judges for Justice

PO Box 46581

Seattle, WA 98146