DNA Reveals Killer of Angie Dodge

The Idaho Falls police followed Dripps in his car, he threw a cigarette out the window. The police bagged it, within 24 hours they had a DNA match. Dripps was arrested. This was the 56th Cold Case solved by forensic genealogy within the last year. Great work by all involved, CeCe Moore, Parabon, and the […]

Amanda Knox – Print Articles

27 MAR, 2015 – Linda Byron of King5 News interviews Amanda Knox upon return from Italy 27 MAR, 2015 – Italian court throws out Knox conviction once and for all 28 JUL, 2012 – Judge explains breaking rules to support Knox 24 JAN, 2019 – Europe Court Orders Italy to Pay Damages to Amanda Knox

Newsletter Archive

Newsletters From February 2018 Dana Ireland – Introduction to the Dana Ireland Case Newsletters From March 2018 Dana Ireland – The Hawaii State Motto Dana’s Killer Walks the Land Dana Ireland – Risk Life in Prison or Lie Dana Ireland – Sexually Motivated Crimes Newsletters From April 2018 Dana Ireland – Who Killed Dana Ireland […]

Watch Judge Heavey Speak in Honolulu

On 12/13/18 Judge Heavey spoke to the Exchange Club of Downtown Honolulu. Video Timing: 00:00 to 15:20 – The crime and why the 3 convicted men are innocent. 15:21 to 26:40 – Why wrongful convictions happen 26:41 to 33:29 – What Judges for Justice is doing, they why and how of it.

A Retired Judge Keeps Asking, Who Really Killed Dana Ireland?

“It’s a crime that turns your stomach and I understand why people don’t want to have their stomach turned,” Heavey said, “But to me three innocent people have been convicted and the killer is still out there. That is unacceptable.” Read the full article from December 12th, 2018 on the Honolulu Civil Beat home page. Click here.

Chris Tapp – Video Media

Links to Video on Chris Tapp Case: 4/15/17 – (43m 14s) – CBS Investigates – The DNA of a Killer 6/11/2016 (11m 41s): 32 Interrogation and Polygraph Clips 5/11/2016 (1h 22m 46s): Affidavit of Michael Heavey in Support of Tapp PCR Petition 1/29/2016 (1h 51m 7s): Detailed Explanation of the Chris Tapp False Confession 10/28/2015 […]

Amanda Knox – Video Media

Links to Video on Amanda Knox Case: 3/28/12 (35m 21s) – Judge Heavey Addresses Seattle Rotary Club Regarding Amanda Knox Case