Please help catch the killer of Dana Ireland by watching

Episode 11

Catching the Killer

murder in HAWAII

On Christmas Eve, 1991, 23 year-old visitor Dana Ireland was run over while riding her bicycle on the Big Island of Hawaii. The killer then took her to a remote location where she was dumped in the bushes, sexually assaulted and left to die. At 12:25 am Christmas morning, Dana Ireland died of her injuries at the Hilo hospital. 

The killer left his T-shirt, covered in Ireland’s blood, and male DNA at the crime scene. The police have the killer’s DNA profile, but do not appear to be pursuing him. If we work together, then we can catch the killer today. Please see how we can do this by watching Episode 11, “Catching the Killer”, MURDER IN HAWAII.

Coming Soon

A new documentary by Judges for Justice



In January 2021, Judges for Justice will release its new documentary, MURDER IN HAWAII. In 14 episodes, using the Ireland murder convictions and others as case studies, we will show how wrongful convictions happen. If we can identify why wrongful convictions happen, then we can help prevent them from happening in the first place.

We are releasing Episode 11 early because (1) it is a public safety issue; we believe public attention will stimulate a renewed effort by law enforcement to find the killer who still walks the land, and (2) the surest way to exonerate the three convicted men is to find the man who left his male DNA and T-shirt at the crime scene.

For more about Judges for Justice, how we operate, and what we do, please watch the video presentations below:

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