Judges for Justice

Cambrea Ezell --- Executive Director

Cambrea Ezell is the Executive Director of Judges for Justice. She combines business, legal and legislative experience to operate and administer the organization.

For the last fifteen years she has served as a senior executive in technology and financial services and provided consulting and strategic advice to public and private institutions. Cambrea was the CEO of Reign Capital and developed products and managed investment portfolios at Goldman Sachs. Before Wall Street Cambrea practiced law and worked on international and domestic public policy matters. In New York she served as the General Counsel for the American Indian Law Alliance. There she oversaw a legal services program and supported the United Nations subcommittee on indigenous human rights. In Texas, she worked on legislative matters and served as the County Director for State Senator Rodney Ellis. Cambrea was also an adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Texas Tech University and Juris Doctorate from City University of New York.