Our Mission

A wrongful conviction is a failure of the justice system in the most fundamental sense.

Our mission is to provide independent, impartial and experienced expert analysis of cases of alleged innocence.

An independent evaluation may be instrumental to prosecutors, governors, parole boards, the press, and other interested parties in their assessment of innocence.

We attempt to raise the public consciousness in the community to conclude that a mistake was made in convicting an innocent person.

Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3.8 requires prosecuting attorneys to be a "Minister of Justice". Rule 3.8 requires prosecuting attorneys to remedy wrongful convictions.  (Rule 3.8 - Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor)

Our evaluation may help raise the awareness of innocence to a prosecuting attorney and motivate the prosecutor to take action.

What We Do

  1. Identify Possible Wrongful Convictions
  2. Research The Case
  3. Publish Expert Reports
  4. Raise Public Consciousness of Innocence
  5. Promote Principles of ABA Rule 3.8